Corrective Brace for Scoliosis,
worn only while sleeping

The SNNB is an overnight corrective brace for scoliosis
(Semoto and Nagano Night Braces).
This brace was made for those who can only wear a brace at
night, due to work or other related issues where daytime use is prohibited.

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 Nighttime Corrective Brace・The best correction possible while in a relaxed position・Continual correction while sleeping・Multiple pad varieties allow for 
proper spine contro ・ Nighttime Corrective Brace・Does not restrict the chest・Costal arch correction・Minimal rib cage and abdomen restriction

Intended Uses

・As an overnight corrective brace・As an overnight support brace for fulltime users・As a brace worn prior to surgery・As a replacement for preoperative casts・To prevent progression of mild scoliosis (worn only at night)・As a remedy for those who struggle with daytime use・As a replacement for infant casts

Case Reports 

Case Reports 1.→Female, 14.5 years old, scoliosis Risser sign 4 Prior to use.Standing: thoracic 31°, lumbar 32°Lying down: thoracic 17°, lumbar 2.After wearing the SNN.Correction to 4°for both thoracic and lumbar.Case Reports 2.→Female, 18 years old, scoliosis Risser sign. Prior to use.Standing: 45°Lying down: 28.After wearing the SNNB.Correction to 3°・Mainly Used For ◆ Idiopathic scoliosis◆ Congenital scoliosis◆ Marfan syndrome◆ Syringomyelia

Supporting Documents

  • Male-to-Female Ratio (Jul. 2008 to Apr. 2016)
  • Symptoms After Wearing By Age (Jul. 2008 to Apr. 2016)
  •  Use By Age (Jul. 2008 to Apr. 2016)
  • According to Disease Name (Jul. 2008 to Apr. 2016)